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Updated THUR 26 FEB at 11:00 AM - Please refresh each page to to see the latest updates


Given that the weather keeps being unpredictable, but usually not good so far, and that the fields we have allocated are very well covered in snow,  the following changes are in effect for this coming week:

Thursday (Today): BCPS Schools are closed, thus Equipment Night is cancelled for tonight.

Friday (27 FEB): 6:30-8:00 - Rescheduled Equipment Night at the old Perry Hall Rec Office, located in the rear of Perry Hall Elementary School.  On-field evaluations are cancelled for 27 FEB.

Sunday (1 MAR): Evaluations are cancelled for 1 MAR.

Monday (2 MAR): Eastern Regional Park - Turf Field (ERP)
6:00-7:15 - Lightning evals/practice
7:00-8:00 - Midget evals/practice
7:45-9:00 - Junior practice

Wednesday (4 MAR): ERP
6:00-7:15 - Tyker evals/practice
7:00-8:00 - Lightning evals/practice
7:45-9:00 - Midget evals/practice

Friday (6 MAR): Honeygo Regional Park - Turf Field (HGT)
7:30-9:00 - Midget evals/practice

Saturday (7 MAR): ERP
9:00-11:00 - Lightning practice
11:00-1:00 - Tykers practice

Sunday (8 MAR): HGT
9:00-11:00 - Junior practice
11:00-1:00 - Clinic practice

Please note that I am hoping that this gives Mother Nature time enough to clear the turf fields with her solar plow.  If our Rec and Parks folks keep a turf field closed due to snow or ice, that is their call, and there's nothing we can do about that.  I know that this is frustrating for those of us who long for the field.  Spring will get here, and we do have turf field time to use until Perry Hall Park is playable.

If there are any additional changes, I will let you know as soon as I know.


1. Each player checks in to receive a sticker that will be placed on the back of their helmet, before their scheduled start time.  Players must have all their equipment to participate, including mouth guards. Players participating in two evaluation sessions will keep their number for both sessions.


3. Coaches and Players ONLY on the field.  Parents need to stay off the field, preferably in/near the bleachers.  Let the coaches do their jobs.

4. Entry and exit on the turf field is through the gate only.  No person - parent, coach, or player - shall jump the fence.

5. The coaches will get together by age group after both evaluations have been held, and shall assign teams, to be announced at the first practice.

We are fielding a total of 11 teams with the following coaches.

Junior age group will have one team.
B Kris Kurcoba

Midget will have four teams.
A Jordan Mitchell, Brendan Kerrigan
B Mark Middlestadt, Ellsworth Bergan
C Chad Yetso
C Josh Headley

Lightning will have three teams.
B Scott Merbach, Chris Peacock
C Mike Mrok
C John Zaczek, Nick Burkhardt

Tyker will have three teams each playing eight man ball.
John Sippel
Will Gianelli
Mason Ray


Clinic players are split into squads each practice.

Team/Coach requests will be considered, but not guaranteed, for Tyker only.

Lightning and Midget will be split into teams based upon player ability, team position needs,and graduating year.  There may be some movement between rosters during the first two weeks of the season,
based upon changes in player ability, or team needs.  Once the teams play their first regular season game, the rosters will be set for the remainder of the regular season.

Tournament teams will be as close to the regular season teams as possible, unless there are a drastic number of players on one team not playing, necessitating reorganized teams for the tournament.
Any questions? Email  


JUNIORS LEVEL (13-14) - BORN BETWEEN 9/1/1999 & 8/31/2001

MIDGETS LEVEL (11-12) - BORN BETWEEN 9/1/2001 & 8/31/2003

LIGHTNING LEVEL (9-10) - BORN BETWEEN 9/1/2003 & 8/31/2005

TYKERS LEVEL (7-8) - BORN BETWEEN 9/1/2005 & 8/31/2007

CLINIC LEVEL (4-6) - BORN BETWEEN 9/1/2007 & 8/31/2010


Please refer to this website for important information throughout the season. Many of your questions will probably be answered here.

All coaches are volunteers. They are eager to take the time to help you enjoy this great sport.  Please show respect to our volunteers, players, opponents, opposing fans and referees.  Proper behavior and attitude shall be observed at all times.  Failure to adhere to these requirements will be grounds for expulsion from the program.

Your son should attend all practices to give him ample opportunity to learn skills and improve skills.  Lacrosse is a team sport.  Please note that PHRC does not allow your son to play more than one REC sport within the same season.  Please select your sport and play it.

Josh Headley - Boys Lacrosse Chairman
Phone: 410-591-4589

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Please refer to the Perry Hall lacrosse website for important information throughout the season.  Many of your questions will probably be answered here

Josh Headley - Boys Lacrosse Chairman
Phone: 410-591-4589

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